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Ancient8 started as Vietnam’s premier gaming guild to lead and revolutionize the web3 gaming landscape. At its inception, Ancient8 was fueled by a commitment to community, its foundation rooted in the gaming sphere. The guild’s rapid growth saw a substantial user base, laying the groundwork for its transition into a Web3 gaming infrastructure builder. In this new chapter, Ancient8 harnesses the power of Web3 software to extend its reach, educate, and empower the next 100 million Metaverse enthusiasts.
As the market constantly grows, so does our vision. We are determined to go beyond our current status quo to adeptly meet the growing demand. That aspiration has led us to embark on a new venture: Ancient8 Chain - a pioneering Ethereum Layer 2 solution tailored exclusively for gaming. With Ancient8 Chain, we aim to establish a platform for value accumulation and equitable distribution among stakeholders. We're also set on standardizing the under-layer infrastructure for seamless interoperability and providing builders with customization options in terms of speed and gas fees. As Ancient8 continues to shape the future of gaming, it's this potent blend of innovation and community spirit that drives our pursuit to redefine the gaming landscape.
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