Ancient8 Foundation

What is Ancient8 Foundation?

The Ancient8 Chain ecosystem will be built collaboratively and decentralizely by the Ancient8 Collective, a group of core partners comprised of top web3 gaming thought leaders who are committed to shaping the mainstream adoption of a decentralized world. The Ancient8 Foundation will focus on fostering adoption of the Ancient8 Chain and its decentralized governance.

With each step, we shape the future of Web3 gaming, guided by unity and community strength. Our singular purpose is to create a vibrant Metaverse, fostering endless possibilities and innovation.

Decentralized Governance

We've created a governance model that places decision-making power directly in the hands of our community. Through token-based voting, we empower our token holders and the Ancient8 Collective to shape the future of our ecosystem.

Ancient8 Improvement Proposal (AIP) framework is where you can propose ideas that impact the ecosystem. These proposals fall into several categories:

  • Developer Grants: Fuel innovation by supporting talented developers.

  • Partnerships: Forge alliances that strengthen our ecosystem.

  • Allocation of Treasury: Decide how our resources are allocated.

  • Product Updates: Influence the direction of our products and services.

Who Can Propose?

We believe that leadership can come from anywhere within our community. That's why we've set a relatively accessible threshold. To submit a proposal, you need to hold or stake a specific amount of $A8 tokens. This ensures that those who have a substantial stake in Ancient8 Chain have a say in its direction.

Detailed information can be found in the Ancient8 Governance section.

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