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$A8 is an ERC-20 token designed to be the lifeblood of the Ancient8 ecosystem. With a total supply capped at 1,000,000,000 tokens, the token's design is intended to ensure robust community engagement while fostering a thriving ecosystem. This framework not only allows for seamless transactions but also incentivizes participation in our community.

$A8 Token Allocation: Fueling Sustainable Growth

The strategic allocation of $A8 tokens is crucial for fostering a balanced and thriving ecosystem. Here’s a breakdown of how the total supply is allocated:

  • 32% Community & Ecosystem: This significant portion is dedicated to community initiatives, rewards, and ecosystem growth. By prioritizing the community, we ensure active participation and engagement from the outset.

  • 10% Seed Round: Early investors who believe in the potential of Ancient8 are rewarded with a portion of tokens that help kickstart the project.

  • 6% Private Round: Similar to the seed round, this allocation supports select investors who provide initial funding for development.

  • 20% Team: To align the interests of the team with the long-term success of the project, a substantial allocation is set aside for team members.

  • 2% Advisor: Advisors play a crucial role in guiding Ancient8, and this allocation ensures their expertise is recognized and valued.

  • 5% Public Distribution: This portion facilitates a wider distribution of tokens to the public, encouraging broader participation in our ecosystem.

  • 10% Liquidity: A portion is reserved to provide liquidity on exchanges, ensuring smooth trading and price stability for $A8.

  • 15% Treasury: This allocation acts as a financial buffer to support future developments and unforeseen challenges.

Initial Ancient8 Airdrop Campaign Incentive

5% of the total supply has been earmarked for the initial Community Airdrop, highlighting Ancient8's commitment to widespread token distribution and early community engagement.

$A8 Token Vesting Schedule: Aligning Incentives

The vesting schedule for $A8 tokens is designed to ensure that team and advisor incentives align with Ancient8's long-term goals. The 48-month vesting period is a strategic move to build trust and commitment within the community. By tying token release to long-term milestones, we aim to foster a stable and dedicated team that is focused on sustained growth and innovation.

$A8 Token Utilities: Powering the Ecosystem

$A8 is the heart of the ecosystem with a dynamic range of use cases for driving

engagement, innovation, and ownership within the Ancient8 Chain.


Token holders play a vital role in shaping the direction of Ancient8 Ecosystem. Through decentralized governance, token holders and stakers can propose and vote for important decisions.

In-Game / Product Utilities

$A8 serves as a medium for various in-game and product-related transactions, including:

  • NFT Minting: Users can mint unique NFTs, contributing to the vibrant digital asset ecosystem within Ancient8.

  • In-Game Purchases: Players can utilize $A8 for various in-game transactions, enhancing their gaming experience.

  • Product Subscriptions on Ancient8 Chain: Access exclusive features and content by subscribing using $A8.

Exclusive Access

Owning $A8 provides token holders with exclusive access to:

  • Events: Participation in special events.

  • Early Releases: Be the first to experience new products or features.

  • Product-Specific Content: Access tailored content designed for $A8 holders.

Value Capture

As the Ancient8 Chain expands, it aims to sustainably benefit $A8 holders, providing value and utility as the ecosystem grows.


Staking $A8 offers various rewards and benefits, including:

  • Diverse Staking Point Usages: Flexibility in how staked points can be used within the ecosystem.

  • Recognition of Contributors: Allow contributors more power and in-game benefits when participating in the Ancient8 ecosystem.

  • Premium In-Game Perks: Enhance the gaming experience through exclusive in-game advantages.

  • Prioritized Launch Access: Early access to new launches and products.

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