What is Ancient8 Chain?

Ancient8 Chain is a gaming-focused community-driven Ethereum Layer 2, powered by the OP Stack and enhanced with Celestia, specifically tailored to tackle the scalability and adoption challenges faced by web3 gaming and consumer DApps. By harnessing the strengths of Optimism and Celestia, Ancient8 Chain prioritizes speed, cost-effectiveness, and providing builders with cutting-edge technology, particularly for on-chain gaming development.

Our Vision

Ancient8 Chain's core vision is to empower the next 100 million Metaverse citizens. From our origins as a gaming guild to our evolution into a comprehensive gaming infrastructure chain, this vision remains steadfast. Today, on Ethereum, we drive mass adoption, democratize gaming, and pioneer a modular blockchain for an outstanding on-chain experience. In achieving this vision, Ancient8 Chain positions itself as a catalyst for the progression of Web3 gaming. By prioritizing modularity, reducing gas fees, we forge a gaming landscape that resonates with every participant, from players to builders, creating an unparalleled and inclusive gaming environment for the next 100 million Metaverse citizens.

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