What makes Ancient8 Chain unique as a blockchain?

The decision to build a Layer 2 on the OP Stack is rooted in the pursuit of creating the best possible infrastructure for web3 gaming and consumer DApps. This decision, aligned with Optimism's Superchain concept, promises scalability and composability. It's enabling developers to craft captivating experiences and ensuring users benefit from low-cost transactions. Now, adding a layer of depth, Celestia steps in, fortifying the infrastructure with robust Data Availability. This means not just a smoother present but also a future where scalability and diverse systems coexist, opening up new possibilities for gaming and DApps on the Ethereum network.

Modular Design

Ancient8 Chain's modular design, integrating OP Stack and Celestia, operates on a microservices architecture, providing an ideal framework for the seamless integration of on-chain games.

The OP Stack's modular components, spanning Data Availability, Sequencing, Derivation, Execution, and Governance Layers, provide fine-grained control over each aspect.

Celestia's integration introduces data availability sampling and Namespaced Merkle trees, optimizing blockchain modularity. This allows for easy updates and modifications, essential for handling emerging market solutions with minimal disruptions.

This seamless approach was evident in the smooth transition during the upgrade from Testnet V1 to V2, showcasing Ancient8 Chain's distinctive adaptability in the market.

Scalability and Throughput Advantages

Leveraging the OP Stack's scalability solutions, Ancient8 Chain employs Optimistic Rollups, a Layer 2 scaling technique. This involves efficient execution of smart contracts on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), providing a significant boost in transaction throughput.

The use of state channels and off-chain computation further enhances scalability. By addressing Ethereum mainnet limitations through these technical approaches, Ancient8 Chain ensures a high-performance blockchain to support the growing demands of on-chain games and other consumer DApps, eliminating congestion and delays through intricate technical optimizations.

Ancient8 Chain prioritizes an exceptional user experience by committing to low gas fees. This focus complements the platform's scalability solutions, ensuring that users can engage with on-chain games and other Dapps affordably and efficiently. The combination of enhanced scalability and minimized gas fees positions Ancient8 Chain as a versatile and user-friendly blockchain platform.

EVM Compatibility

The OP Stack's full compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) allows developers on Ancient8 Chain to seamlessly port existing Ethereum projects. This technical alignment ensures that smart contracts written for Ethereum can be executed on Ancient8 Chain without major modifications.

The cost-efficient rollup architecture, backed by the EVM, enhances cross-chain interoperability. It simplifies code migration and infrastructure adaptation, emphasizing the technical synergy between Ancient8 Chain and the broader Ethereum ecosystem.

Our commitment to affordable transactions and near-instant confirmations opens the doors for a wider audience to engage with blockchain-based gaming and applications. Ancient8 Chain is a step towards bringing these experiences into the mainstream, fostering a new era of adoption in the blockchain industry.

Empowering Game Studios: Ancient8's All-Inclusive Growth Layer Suite

Ancient8 is not just a single link in the chain – we're a vibrant gaming ecosystem with a unique Growth Layer. This layer includes a suite of products that covers every aspect of game development and marketing, supporting every stage of a game's journey, right from its creation to reaching the hands of players. From building on Ancient8 Chain to promoting collections on Dojo Marketplace, onboarding with Space3, localizing with Ancient8 Gaming, harnessing the innovative capabilities of ReneVerse for immersive in-game advertising, to establishing identity with A8ID - our comprehensive approach sets the stage for Web3 native game publishing and amplifies market presence.

  • Ancient8 Chain: Ancient8 Layer 2 is custom-built to fulfill the unique needs of the gaming landscape. With a keen understanding of what gamers require – quick transactions, and affordable interactions – Ancient8 Chain ensures games run smoothly and players stay engaged.

  • Dojo Marketplace: Dojo stands as the dedicated NFT marketplace for top-tier Web3 game projects. It's your gateway to bring the best games to players in Southeast Asia and beyond, creating connections that matter.

  • Space3: Space3 takes gaming to the stars by publishing millions of outstanding Web2 and Web3 games. As a game publisher and launchpad, Space3 guides games from ideation to reality, curating experiences that captivate players worldwide and redefine the way games are enjoyed.

  • Ancient8 Gaming: Ancient8 Gaming is the bridge between gamers and game creators, a global hub for game discovery, local communities, and in-real-life events. For players, it's a world of rewards and connection. For developers, it's a space for engagement and growth. Together, it's where gaming flourishes.

  • ReneVerse: ReneVerse is revolutionizing gaming with Borderless Ads, utilizing its proprietary engine for unparalleled in-game advertising. Envisioning a borderless future, ReneVerse advocates for cross-compatible platforms and innovative in-game ads. The mission is to unify consumer and gaming experiences, democratizing the industry through advanced blockchain applications.

  • A8ID: Own your gaming identity and social graph in the decentralized future. A8ID provides plug & play scalability, on-chain data analysis, and a better way to acquire millions of users.

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