Using thirdweb

thirdweb is a comprehensive development framework that empowers you to seamlessly build, launch, and manage web3 applications and games across any EVM-compatible blockchain.


By the end of this guide, you should be able to:

  • Create an NFT collection and mint new NFTs using thirdweb.

  • Develop an NFT gallery DApp using a prebuilt thirdweb templates.


1. Setting Up a Metamask Wallet

To begin developing a DApp on Ancient8, you first need to set up a web3 wallet. We recommend using the Metamask Wallet, which can be easily created by downloading the Metamask Wallet browser extension.

Download Metamask Wallet

2. Wallet Funding

Blockchain transactions, including deploying smart contracts, necessitate a gas fee. You must, therefore, fund your wallet with Ether (ETH) to cover these costs. This guide focuses on deploying a contract to the Ancient8 Testnet, and you can fund your wallet with Ancient8 Testnet Sepolia ETH via the following options:

Creating an NFT Collection

Before developing a DApp, you need to create an NFT collection via thirdweb.

Follow these steps to set up your NFT collection:

  1. Click the Connect Wallet button located in the upper right corner to connect your wallet.

  2. From the dashboard, select Browse contracts to explore a list of deployable smart contracts.

  3. Navigate to the NFTs section and select the NFT Collection smart contract.

  4. Click the Deploy now button.

  5. Provide the required details for your NFT collection:

    1. Contract metadata (i.e. image, name, symbol, description)

    2. Network (Choose Ancient8 Testnet)

  6. Click Deploy Now.

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