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What makes Ancient8 Chain unique as a blockchain?

Make Gaming on Ethereum Possible

The decision to build a Layer 2 on the OP Stack is rooted in the pursuit of creating the best possible infrastructure for web3 gaming and consumer DApps. This decision aligns with Optimism's Superchain concept, offering both scalability and composability, thus empowering developers to create engaging experiences, and providing users with low-cost transactions. The Superchain vision ensures a future where scalability and different systems coexist, bringing more exciting possibilities to gaming and DApps.
  • Scalability and throughput advantages: The OP Stack offers a highly scalable solution, addressing Ethereum mainnet limitations. Integrated with Optimistic Rollups, Ancient8 Chain achieves impressive transaction throughput, ensuring smooth user experiences by eliminating congestion and delays that hinder web3 gaming and consumer DApps adoption.
  • EVM compatibility: The OP Stack is fully compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), enabling seamless code and infrastructure adaptation. This alignment, combined with a cost-efficient rollup architecture, enhances user accessibility, promoting interoperability and collaboration within the blockchain space.
  • Security and trust: Leveraging Ethereum's battle-tested security, Ancient8 Chain settles transactions on the mainnet, fostering user confidence in a trusted, decentralized network.
  • Interoperability and collaboration: The OP Stack envisions uniting rollup architectures, promoting interoperability and collaboration on-chain. Ancient8 Chain becomes part of a vibrant ecosystem, pioneering the OP Chain gaming ecosystem, enabling developers to collaborate, share resources, and expand possibilities for web3 gaming and consumer DApps.
Our commitment to affordable transactions and near-instant confirmations opens the doors for a wider audience to engage with blockchain-based gaming and applications. Ancient8 Chain is a step towards bringing these experiences into the mainstream, fostering a new era of adoption in the blockchain industry.

Everything a Game Studio Needs: Ancient8's All-Inclusive Suite

Ancient8 is not just a single link in the chain – we're a vibrant gaming ecosystem. Its suite of products covers every aspect of game development and marketing, supporting every stage of a game's journey, right from its creation to reaching the hands of eager players. From building on Ancient8 Chain to launching with Dojo, onboarding with Space3, localizing with PlayNation, and marketing with Gosu Network, our comprehensive approach sets the stage for Web3 native game publishing and amplifies market presence.
  • Ancient8 Chain: Ancient8 Layer 2 is custom-built to fulfill the unique needs of the gaming landscape. With a keen understanding of what gamers require – quick transactions, minimal delays, and affordable interactions – Ancient8 Chain ensures games run smoothly and players stay engaged.
  • Dojo Launchpad: Dojo stands as the dedicated NFT marketplace and launchpad for top-tier Web3 game projects. It's your gateway to bring the best games to players in Southeast Asia and beyond, creating connections that matter.
  • Space3: Space3 takes gaming to the stars by publishing millions of outstanding Web2 and Web3 games. As a game publisher, we guide games from ideation to reality, curating experiences that captivate players worldwide and redefine the way games are enjoyed.
  • PlayNation: PlayNation is the bridge between gamers and game creators, a global hub for game discovery, local communities, and in-real-life events. For players, it's a world of rewards and connection. For developers, it's a space for engagement and growth. Together, it's where gaming flourishes.
  • Gosu Network: Gosu Network pioneers the future for content creators and streamers, offering a home where their talents thrive. Our creator DAO fosters a gaming and decentralized culture movement, supporting millions in joining the web3 era while being recognized and rewarded for their passion.
  • Eko ID: Own your gaming identity and social graph in the decentralized future. EkoID provides plug & play scalability, on-chain data analysis, and a better way to acquire millions of users.

Built by the Ancient8 Collective

Imagine a gaming world where power is decentralized and shared among passionate players and creators. This is the essence of "The Ancient8 Collective Gaming Chain." Born from the collaboration of dedicated core gaming partners, it's a beacon of true decentralization in the gaming landscape.
Built by those who live and breathe gaming, this project is a testament to the belief that the best outcomes arise when a diverse group comes together. It's a statement that gaming is for everyone, and decisions should reflect the voices of the many, not the few.
Drawing inspiration from the same spirit that ignited Ethereum's journey, "The Ancient8 Collective Gaming Chain" champions openness, inclusivity, and collaboration. Just as Ethereum transformed the tech landscape, we aim to revolutionize gaming. It's a call to arms for gamers across the world to unite and shape the future of their favorite pastime.
Join us as we begin a transformative adventure that celebrates the true spirit of gaming – where every voice matters and every contribution counts.